Thursday, October 22, 2009

Personalized search(Preferred sites from Google experimental)- Search from sites that you want.

Nobody can disagree that Google search has become a very important part of the way we use information from the web. Although its very good and gives the most appropriate results if given the right inputs, it will be more awesome if u can search from your favourite sites, the ones you think will have the infrmation you are looking for. Well, interested in making your search more personal? Heres the answer- 'Preferred sites' from 'Google experimental'

Heres what you gotta do-

Go to

After you join the experiment, you will be asked to give some preferred sites, which will be given high priority next time when you search.

I recommend these sites for medical students or if you are interested in medical/health related search,,,,,,

You can give any site address which matches your interests.The more sites you add the better chances of hitting the results you want.

After you are done, just search and see...Your Search is Personalized!

Please give feedback in the comments section.Let me know that you visited.(Right now the only way i know people come here is Google Analytics, which is so boring!)




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