Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Sunflower

She is so happy under the morning sun
Petals so bright and joyful
Shining in the sunlight so beautiful
She dances in the wind ecstatic
Gets a shower in the drizzling rain
And they keep looking at each other…….

Time flew and it was soon dark
All alone, she is filled with sorrow
The water drops on her leaves like tears
Looks as if she will cry
For her love has gone away……..


Rakesh Halappa said...

Nice one :-)

docspike said...

Thank you....

Sumedha Banerjee said...

Never knew you are a fellow blogger. Anyways, good one Ravi. Keep it up. May be more posts from you, not only photography

docspike said...

thanx and u have a blog too?thats gr8..will check out..ya..more posts...thats the plan!