Friday, March 26, 2010


A ray of light in the darkness

A silver lining in the gloomy cloud

An oasis in the barren desert

The smile of a baby in a funeral

Hope it is, my friend

The only solace to mortal men.


It smiles at you like the morning sun

It casts the melody of a songbird

It showers on you when tired in the fiery sun

It gives you a thousand reasons to live

Hope it is, my friend

The only solace to mortal men.


Its an illusion, some pragmatic fool may say

But, I am a dreamer

And hope it is, that gives me wings to fly

Tells me that no distance is too far

And if you have the heart to reach there

Hope always fuels your drive

So, when the morning dawns, my friend

Never give up, never despair

Because HOPE is always there!



Hope.egg  on AviaryHope.egg on Aviary.

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Sitaram said...

Excellent poem Ravi -keep it up. 'singing bird" would better in place of "Songbird".
Really highly optimized poetry with beautiful vocabulary.

docspike said...

Thank you! Its great to get appreciation by a poet!:)

Nizam Raj Banerjee said...

love the poem

docspike said...

thanx a ton, pal!

kedar said...

fantastic...hope, the magical word!! great going ravi

docspike said...

@aryakid Thank you! Hope is such a beautiful thing right?