Thursday, December 17, 2009

My 100th post on blogger: TOP TEN POSTS OF 'INQUISITIVES' BLOG

Its a very special moment for me.This is the 100th post of Inquisitives blog on blogger.Its made special by three reasons.One is that the 100th post coincides with my father's birthday.Second is that frankly i never thought i will come this long(to be frank i didnt even know exactly what a blog was, let alone blogging when i started the blog).And a 100 posts after, i have to say,Blogging has become a very special hobby for me.Its very satisfying, that it helps me to increase my knowledge and has given the opportunity to interact with lots of special frens from around the globe.Third reason is that Inquisitives's posterous, which i use to create and autopost to blogger and other social sites registered 10,000 page views today(since september 2009).

In this post i will enlist the Top Ten Posts of my blog(ones which have got the highest pageviews since Sept.2009, thats when i started using google analytics)

1)Identify the Skin lesion and Diagnose the clinical condition

2)My blog 'Inquisitives' is Apture-enhanced now!Have a look at this screencast to know how.

3)Sagittal T1-weighted MRI scan in an 11-day-old boy- Diagnosis?

4)What disease does this picture speak about?

5)Identify all the pictures.Connect the three pictures.And give me the diagnosis.

6)Histopathological picture of mature Ovarian cystic teratoma-Identify what the arrow is pointing at (#quiz #medtweeps)

7)What is the radiological abnormality in this T2-weighted MRI of Cervical spine?

8)Identify the radiological sign and the probable diagnosis

9)Young male presented with history of cough and hemoptysis.Connect the two images and give the diagnosis.

10)Identify the Pathology and Diagnose

I thank all my frens who have kept me going and everyone who reads my posts.I am all ears to your suggestions in improving the blog.Finally i dedicate this post to my loving father.
Looking forward to active participation from everyone...

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